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About Us

Why Did We Create Charged and Focused?

Charged and Focused was created by professionals who have worked in the medical field for over 25 years. We have seen the decline in health due to lifestyle and poor medical management; which leads to grave health issues such as obesity, organ failure, heart failure and death. We have heard and listened to every reason people are unable to control these health-related issues. They include being too fatigued, unable to eat a proper diet, limited exercise due to time restrictions or busy lifestyles, and lack of knowledge about their health.


Charged and Focused is not like your typical energy drink that you consume only when needed, then ending up with those unwanted side effects such as the jitters, or the typical “crash” when the sugars are depleted.


Charged and Focused is a daily natural herb and nutritional vitamin supplement that will give you the added energy that you are seeking to get through the day. Improve your alertness to keep you focused, allowing you to complete your daily tasks by being more productive. Boost your metabolism to help you lose weight, all without those unwanted side effects. Charged and Focused allows you to energize your body, sharpen your mind, and boost your metabolism, all in one amazing capsule.


 How Did We Create this Solution for You?

Over two years of research and development have led to the creation of the formula which is known as Charged and Focused. We have addressed fatigue by giving a spark to increase your energy, and by boosting your metabolism.  We have addressed the need to replenish nutrients from poor eating habits, or lack of nutritious meals available in our fast paced society. We have addressed several neurological concerns; which include the inability to stay focused though the day. Charged and Focused will give you a calming effect that will allow you to control the overwhelming feelings that prohibit so many of us from living the healthiest of life styles.

Our health always seems much

more valuable… after we lose it!


~Picture courtesy of Alica Furey